Chris, Jason, Adam, & Neil sit down to talk about dialectical pessimism.
On this episode we talk about: 
  • COVID-20
  • On taking things too seriously V. not taking things seriously enough
  • Charlatans -- Rubes & The Light Switch
  • Public Opinion (PDF
  • Traversing the fantasy of the non-lacking Other
  • The functions of Utopia?
  • Patton & Star Trek
  • Activist lifestyle "I'd prefer not to." on The Regrettable Century 
  • David Harvey on Red Library 
  • Enjoying the dissatisfaction 
  • A drunk & profound Kevin from several years back
  • Moving from conflict over material conditions to ideological conflicts
  • Explain Deleuze to me... 
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Impressions... 
  • Memes 
  • The role of academics 
  • Territorialize Deterritorialize
  • A Revolution V The Revolution 
  • Access to quality British melodrama 
  • Adam's Fohawks & Mustaches 
  • Jason teaches us about "He pets the dog with a cup"
  • The end of human activity we are living through... 
  • Writing your own performance review 
  • Psychoanalyse this, Neil
  • Chris feels great in this time of the end of human activity 
  • Were we smart in our 20's or were we dumb?
  • Warner Herzog valentines 
  • The heat death of the universe. Do you get it!? 
  • Bane V. Connery 

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